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For many people booking a professional DJ for a gay wedding or civil partnership is a new experience and often a daunting task.

Like every other trade there are the good and bad … There are some truly professional discos and complete novices. You have ads in gay magazines, numerous websites. ads in directories and even business cards pinned to noticeboards at your venue. Plus everyone has a “friend of a friend” who is a DJ.

How on earth do you know which disco to choose for your big day ?

Frankly, apart from “Are You Free ?” and “How much does it cost ?” – most people don’t really know what other questions they should be asking. And even though price isn’t their main consideration, they use it to pick one DJ over another, simply because they don’t have anything else to go on.
They are blissfully unaware of the new “venue requirements and obligations” such as insurance and electrical equipment tests that DJs are increasingly required to meet.

Whether you use me or another company, here are a dozen essential tips on how to go about booking professional DJ entertainment for your gay wedding or civil partnership.

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