Public Liability Insurance

I spend much of my time deejaying at gay weddings and civil patnerships in 5 star hotels and other prestigious venues.

Public liability insurance for me is an absolute necessity.

However, many venues, even some quite humble establishments, now require a DJ to have his own Public Liability Insurance. Of course with premiums rocketing, the last thing a venue wants is to claim against their own insurance for a disco related accident.

The DJ’s P.L.I. indemnifies the venue in the event of a claim; so venues can insist on the precise level of P.L.I. required. A typical hotel or banqueting suite usually demands between £2 and £5million. Some establishments like the Cutty Sark or Eltham Palace (pictured) even ask for £10 million. So this is the level of cover that I offer.

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Accidents Can Happen

What would happen if one of your guests accidentally knocked over a speaker and it broke something expensive belonging to the venue.

Would you not feel more comfortable knowing the DJ could simply claim against his insurance, instead of the venue holding you liable.

Portable Appliance Test certificates are something else which many venues (particularly council halls) now insist upon.

At the very outset, when you are looking at venues, ask which certificates your dj needs. Don’t let it be a nasty surprise later on, when the venue finally remembers to tell you.

Ask any dj that you are considering booking whether he is insured and tested. Make it one of your first questions. Most amateur DJs simply don’t bother. So if you need the certificates … these amateurs will have ruled themselves out by default !

Here’s a thought! … Whether your venue needs these certificates or not, if the DJ is insured and tested, as I am, he is probably a professional or at the very least is extremely conscientious.