the bisexual flag - One of many bi pride rainbow or LGBT symbols on this page

The Bisexual Flag

Designed by Michael Page in 1998.

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The bisexual crescent Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
Somewhere over the rainbow way up high - These 2 triangles are sometimes known as the bi-angles
gay Rainbow Images
transgender symbol by Monica Helms

The idea was to remove any negative connotations.

Also featured, is the rainbow design which is a universally recognised symbol. Less well known is one of several symbols of transgender. This pink, blue and white banner was created by Monica Helms. As yet, there isn’t one single flag design that all have agreed upon. However, Monica Helms’ version is generally the most widely used.

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More Tech Specs

  • For the benefit of web designers or anyone using Adobe Photoshop, here are the hex and RGB colour codes for the bi flag which you have been looking for.

    Pink is #ff0080 (255, 0, 128)
    Lavender is #a349a4 (163,73,164)
    Blue is #0000ff (0,0,255)

  • The precise proportions of the oblong flag or banner were not specified in the original design. However, most feel that two x three or three x five are about right. In the same fashion, the width of the 3 stripes are usually in the ratio of two x one x two. In print versions, it is fine for the 3 colours to blend into one another. This is how sexuality is in real life.