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rainbow music civil partnership discos and djs in kent essex london and brighton

Specialist Deejay or Band ?

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In terms of budget, the evening entertainment may not be the biggest part of your special day but it is still vitally important to get it spot on. One question that is sure to come up is whether to book a specialist gay wedding DJ like me, or a more traditional wedding band.

Even the most average, run-of-the-mill, 4 or 5 piece wedding band will cost well over £1000. My fixed, day‑rate is just £400.00, which is far more economical. But leaving the question of fees to one side, there are many other significant advantages to using a specialist gay wedding DJ.

  • Firstly and most importantly, I offer a far wider range of music … a balanced and eclectic mix of musical styles for all ages. I can read the mood of the dance floor, take last minute requests and quickly switch music styles to keep everyone moving. This is something that a band, with their fixed “set-lists” and comparatively limited repertoire could never do.
  • Secondly, unlike an old-fashioned wedding band, which typically plays 2 or 3 sets with breaks in between them, I keep the continuing going and play straight through.
  • Thirdly, bands often see themselves as the “Stars of the Show”… up  on the stage for everyone to watch. In contrast, my entire focus for the whole day is you, your partner and your guests.
  • Finally, if space at the venue is tight, I can easily occupy a much smaller performance area than a band … yet my sound system and lightshow will more than adequately fill your entire room
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~ Request Lists ~

To make sure that there is going to be sufficient time for all your songs to be played, I would recommend, an evening request list of around 20-30 tracks. This is based on a 4-5 hour reception, of which about 2-3 hours (or possibly less ) will be dancing. This will allow time for roughly a 65-70% mix of your choices and a 30% mix of DJ and wedding guest request choices.

Your goal is to find a knowledgeable gay wedding DJ that is “flexible” and understands your music priorities, while making sure all your guests have fun. That is the key to your reception’s overall success and to achieve this, there is no substitute for an individual DJ’s experience.

I mostly work in London, Kent, Essex and Brighton but cover the whole of the south-east. If you need some further advice, here is a list of questions to ask any potential DJ.

However please feel free to give me a call at any time if you wish to discuss the music or any other aspect of the event.
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Choosing a Deejay